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Quality Assurance

In every case, or a consultation, a team will be auditing the service provided, ensuring that the beneficiary of the service gets more than one expert opinion in the case.

No submission before it is presented to another team of lawyers to ensure that the legal opinion is more accurate, and the approach has a greater chance of success Ultimately, it ensures complete transparency for the client.

In addition to integrated automation and artificial intelligence solutions that make it more transparent to the user, and more accurate to the service provider.

Choose where you fit

1. Individuals

get served with all what matters to you: Consultations, cases, writing, contract reviews … and many to count.

2. Startups

get all your needed documents, legal approvals, registrations … just focus on what you love to do!

3. Corporates

why to hire a legal consultant while thousands can serve you and represent you and do the job for you, even in small detials that makes the big hassle, such as legal documents, authorities' approvals, employee's relations, and many to count.

4. Law students

get access to the largest searchable date base of laws and regulations, no need to waste days and hours to find a small piece of document!

5. Graduates and trainees

apply for a job … and get exposed to all firms in the region!

6. Law firms

apply for a job … and get exposed to all firms in the region!

Service Integration with double quality

in general, justice services is designed to integrate based on the needs


Of all kinds, with direct supervision to ensure quality, and in accordance with Crowd Sourcing , which provides great options for service beneficiaries.

Legal Consultations

All kinds: visual, audio, and written, through a selection of specialized advisors, or through a self learning virtual assistant.

Individuals services

In addition to the above, Writing contracts, submitting execution requests, training for new graduates, etc.

Corporates and startups

An integrated solution to serve companies in the legal aspect, instead of appointing a legal advisor or contracting with law firms, the company can contract with the application to provide all legal needs.

Libraries and references

An integrated digital library with advanced search feature for all laws and regulations approved in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia officially by the Ministry of Justice, and documented by the Experts Committee in the Council of Ministers.

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The largest services menu to get clients served no matter what they need.

Main Services

1.Write / respond lawsuit statement

2.Send an execution request

3.Writing special contract

4.Contract Review

5.Contract template

6.Labor suits

7.Family suits

8.Commercial suites

9.Generic Suites

10.Criminal Cases

11.Phone Consultation

12.Chat Consultation


14.Personal Subscription "the Guard"

15.Business Subscription

16.Library subscription

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